Hadyiche OBD Go Electronic Throttle Accelerator

This is a review and analysis of the Hadyiche OBD Electronic Throttle Accelerator Performance module. New to the American market, this module seems to be more popular in Asia / Europe. If you are looking for a REAL Hadyiche OBD Electronic Throttle Accelerator review, then this is for you! What is this product and what does it do? Let’s take an in-depth look:



Company Profile

The manufacturer is a company called “autooltech.com” and the website appears to be for an automotive tool manufacturer located in China. The product is also available on amazon.com and ebay.com.

This Hadyiche OBD Electronic Throttle Accelerator connects to the vehicle  via the OBD port.  This type of chip is a frequent target of several chip scams so we will be cautious with our expectations until we have analyzed the unit. There are very few / poor reviews of this product on the net so we are anxious to see what it delivers in our tests. Contrary to most previous performance products we have reviewed, the manufacturer claims the device primarily improves acceleration and throttle response while also helping with fuel economy.




The cost at the time of this review on amazon for the Hadyiche OBD Electronic Throttle Accelerator was $89.99 USD. This price is average for this range of modules, but we are eager to see if this module is actually worth the cost. Let’s find out more.



Product Appearance

The module comes in a unique custom black plastic OBD case which is pretty solid and visually impressive. The kit includes the OBD module, quick install guide and box:


Hadyiche OBD Electronic Throttle Accelerator Kit


While the design looks impressive, we have been fooled before by previous scam modules that had a very nice case. What is different so far is the appearance and claims of the unit – the manufacturer claims the device improves throttle acceleration and fuel consumption.


Hadyiche OBD Electronic Throttle Accelerator End Label

Does it live up to the claims? Let’s find out.



Internal Analysis

We purchased one of these modules and examined the inside of the module:

Hadyiche OBD Electronic Throttle Accelerator Disassembled View


We were disappointed by the appearance of the circuit board, as it is VERY similar to past light blinker scams. There is a voltage regulator, capacitors, 10K ohm resistors, as well as a 44 pin integrated circuit chip. However, this chip is not the same PIC16F59 as in most of the previous scams. Instead, it is an ATMEGA32A chip:


Hadyiche OBD Electronic Throttle Accelerator Circuit Board Analysis


While this chip has more memory than the previous chips, is still lacks the capacity to store the needed map information to tune the engine and cause acceleration improvements. Still, we will give it the benefit of the doubt and give it a try.

Flipping the circuit board over, we see there are four status leds, one red and three green:

Hadyiche OBD Electronic Throttle Accelerator Circuit Board Bottom Side Analysis


Most of the previous scam chips we reviewed had three leds, so this is a good sign. Hopefully it will provide better results than previous modules we reviewed.

The analysis of the OBD connections actually connected to the atmega chip are as follows:


OBD Protocols and Pins


From this chart, we see the following protocols and which pins must be present for them to be used:

CAN – 4, 6, 14, 16

PWM – 2, 4, 5, 10, 16

VPW – 2, 4, 5, 16

ISO – 4, 5, 7, 16

The module has the following OBD pins connected to the atmega chip:

2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 14, 15, 16

So we can conclude from this that the module has the capability of communicating with the following vehicle protocols: CAN, PWM, ISO and VPW.

This is a good sign, as all connections needed lead to the atmega chip, each via a 10K ohm resistor.




So far, this module looks promising. Here are the install steps provided in the setup card / guide:

Hadyiche OBD Electronic Throttle Accelerator Install Guide


We followed the install steps to install on the vehicle:

“1 – Connect with OBD port.

2 – Make the vehicle power on, but not start the engine.

3 – Long press ‘reset’ in 3 seconds.

4 – Start to match. Start the engine after the sign light flashes in 6 minutes.

5 – Wait for 5 minutes in idle state. Match successfully”

The instructions are not clear, as they are translated into English from Chinese. Step 4 says the sign light will flash – we are not sure which light this refers to – we assume it is the “system learning signal indicator”. This is not a good sign, as so far the steps closely resemble the nitro obd scams we previously reviewed. The instructions also admit the device will set error lights on certain vehicles that are not ‘supported’ – a big red flag.

We connected the module as instructed via an OBD extension cable.

We started the vehicle and drove a few miles. We noticed no immediate improvement or difference in performance, but noticed immediately an old familiar blinking pattern:


Hadyiche OBD Electronic Throttle Accelerator Light Pattern


The second light from the top blinked in the exact same pattern as the previous NitroOBD scam chips. Also, the third light from the top never illuminated at all. This leaves us with three lights out of four – the same number as previous scam chips. This leads us to believe this is nothing but another light blinker using the same program as the nitro obd scam – just ported from the PIC16F59 to the ATMEGA. We ran the module for a few tanks of gas and noticed no difference in performance whatsoever.




It is clear from our analysis that the Hadyiche OBD Electronic Throttle Accelerator module does not work as claimed by the manufacturer.  It contains a similar circuit as previous scam chips, with the only difference being the code has been recompiled for the atmega, and it delivers the exact same blinking pattern.




From our research and review, it is our opinion that the Hadyiche OBD Electronic Throttle Accelerator module does not work as claimed. The cost is average for this type of chip, but the light pattern and board analysis point to this nice-looking device being just another light blinker fraud module. The company is also suspicious, as the product is not listed on the manufacturer website at the date of this review, and the products are questionable. There are very few reviews on the web about the results of this module, and they were not promising. Our tests showed no difference in pickup,  acceleration or fuel economy. You definitely want to avoid this.




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