Intense Tuning Performance Module

This is a review and analysis of the Intense Tuning Performance module. If you are looking for a REAL Intense Tuning Performance Module review, then this is for you! What really is this product and what does it do? Let’s take a look:



Company Profile

The manufacturer is an unknown company called “intense_performance”, and they did not have a known website at the time of this review.  The product is available on from seller ‘intense_performance’.

This Intense Performance Module we are reviewing is also referred to as an ‘IAT’ chip. This type of chip is a frequent target of chip scams so we are already uneasy regarding the effectiveness and safety of this module.




The cost at the time of this review on ebay for the Intense Tuning Performance Chip was $19.95 USD. This price is extremely low to be a genuine performance chip. So far, even before examining the module itself, it is not looking good, as we have suspicions that it is another scam chip at an extremely low cost. Not much can be done at this price range, except for a case, some wires, and a resistor or two. Let’s find out what is really being used here.



Product Appearance


Intense Tuning Performance Module Install Kit


The module comes in the black plastic case shown above, and includes the install kit, which consists of two wire splices, plastic tubing and an install sheet.

While the design looks impressive, we already have suspicions of what actually may be inside the box. There are only two wires coming out of the chip, which is very common with many of the dangerous IAT resistor scam chips.



Internal Analysis

We purchased one of these modules from ebay and examined the inside of the module:

Intense Tuning Module Reverse Side View


We have a ‘Warranty void if removed’ warning on the back side. After removing the sticker and the top of the case, we find an epoxied potting material:


Intense Tuning Module Potting – Epoxy


While it is legitimate for some manufacturers to use this potting material to protect their circuitry from moisture and dust, we see a clue in this photo as to why they used the material here. A resistor is visible in the lower right corner of the epoxy. Just as we suspected, there is a big chance this is another dangerous resistor hack:


Intense Tuning Module Resistor Hack in Epoxy


Wow, you can also see through the epoxy that the seller was too cheap to even solder the resistor to the wire – it is simply wrapped around the resistor a few times, then encapsulated in the black epoxy to prevent identification.

We connected an ohmmeter across the two wires and immediately observed a resistance value of approx. 32K ohms. This is not a real surprise, as the price and connection method of the ‘chip’ (two wires) lends itself to a resistor hack:


Intense Tuning Module Resistance Test with Ohmmeter


This confirms the resistor we saw earlier through the black epoxy. It has three orange bars and one gold bar:

Resistor Color Code Chart


So there we have it – we have a black plastic box, a sticker, two wires, and a resistor. It is directly connected to the wires and there is no true ‘module’ present.  This resistor hack, like many others with different names, can be dangerous to some engines, causing ECU and / or engine damage.




We did not even attempt to connect this scam to our test vehicle, as we have done so with other resistor hacks previously and do not want to run the risk of damage.




It is clear from our analysis that the Intense Tuning Performance Module is nothing but a resistor in a  black box and cannot hold real vehicle ECU maps. The circuit, like the numerous other IAT chip scams, connects across a sensor on the engine, telling the engine to alter the air and fuel ratio. While it may improve power on some engines, on others it causes rough idling, and on others it can cause ECU damage. We would not recommend it as IAT scams have been widely known to cause random vehicle issues, including ECU and engine damage.




From our research and review, it is our opinion that the Intense Tuning Performance Module is just another cheap, dangerous IAT resistor scam. It may also cause ECU damage, so we suggest avoiding it at all costs. It is actually not a chip at all – just a resistor! You get what you pay for. You definitely want to pass on this one!



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3 Replies to “Intense Tuning Performance Module”

  1. I have had one of these devices on my 2008 Silverado for 3 years
    It has worked fine for me ,I save about $30 a month on gas

    1. Glad to hear you saw some benefit from this module – it may be possible for some vehicles to realize some fuel savings, although you are running the risk of damage as it is only a resistor and two wires. Good luck!

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