JMS PedalMAX Throttle Enhancement Device Review

This is a review and analysis of the JMS PedalMAX Throttle Enhancement device. As with previous tuners in the same series, the internet gives this module a very high recommendation. If you are looking for a REAL JMS PedalMAX Throttle Enhancement product review, then this is for you! What is this product and how does it perform once installed? Let’s take an in-depth look and find out:



Company Profile

The manufacturer is a company called JMS and is based out of Lucedale, MS.  Their products are available from several online retailers and tuning shops, as well as directly from their website at

The JMS Pedalmax module connects to the vehicle via the factory throttle connector on the drivers side of the vehicle. It is available for several vehicles and manufacturers. The manufacturer claims immediate improvement in throttle response with this product.




The cost at the time of this review from the JMS website for the JMS Pedalmax product was $289 USD.  This price is a little higher than most other products we previously tested, but we are eager to see if this module is actually worth the cost and performs as well as many people say. Let’s find out!



Product Appearance

The module comes in a sturdy, custom black rubbery – plastic case which is pretty solid and visually impressive. The Pedalmax module itself has only one gold-plated DB25 connector which makes installation simple. The wiring harness plugs into the factory throttle connection at the drivers foot area of the vehicle:


JMS PedalMax


Also included is a variable power dial and a power decreasing plug to lower the gains if they are too high:


JMS Pedalmax Adjustable Gain Power Dial


The above dial can be used to adjust the gains on demand, which is a nice feature.


JMS Pedalmax Power Limiter Plug


This plug consists of two resistors which connect to the harness to limit the gains of the Pedalmax should it be too strong. It looks nice so far, but does it live up to the claims? Let’s find out.



Internal Analysis

We purchased a Pedalmax throttle enhancement device for our test vehicle and examined the inside of the module:


JMS PedalMax Complex Multi Layer Circuit Board Top Side Disassembled View



JMS Pedalmax Disassembled PCB Multilayer Circuit Board View


This complexity of a circuit board is rare in most performance products, and we were impressed by this. Some of the components include: three integrated circuits, three leds, several resistors, diodes and smt transistors. The circuit is built around a  PIC18F25K22, which is a microchip device capable of containing a 32K program size. Since the module does not require maps to be stored, it only needs to connect to the throttle harness, so it is possible to deliver on these claims with this hardware. The hardware looks solid. How does it perform?





So far this product looks promising. We followed the included install guide to fit it to our test vehicle under the drivers – side pedal area and connected the module to the factory wiring harness:


JMS Pedalmax Installed Under Drivers Side Panel


After starting the vehicle, the lights shown above illuminated and once put into drive, the test vehicle showed an immediate boost in throttle response – there was definitely more pickup. No error codes were set and the changes were definitely noticeable.



From our research and review, it is our opinion that the JMS Pedalmax Throttle Enhancement device works well and does deliver the results as claimed. The cost is a little high compared to other products, but it required no other modifications to the vehicle and was relatively easy to install. Our tests showed an immediate improvement on an otherwise stock vehicle. The only downside, if any, to this module is the cost and the need to tuck or tie the wiring up under the driver’s dash area of the vehicle. This device provided excellent and immediate results. If it is available for your vehicle, you definitely want to try this!!




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4 Replies to “JMS PedalMAX Throttle Enhancement Device Review”

  1. I’m trying to decide if your JMS PedalMAXX is the right grade for my 2017 Spider 124 Abarth. As you probably know the engine has a ‘sportmode’ switch for remapping the chip into a higher performance profile. I’ve looked at one other ptoduct (the GO PEDAL). I have never tried either so if you could give me some hard evidence on performance improvement I’m ready to buy.


    1. Unfortunately we do not manufacture these products, we only test them. You will need to contact the manufacturer, JMS Chip, to verify if it fits your vehicle. Good luck!

  2. Is this the same a the Pedal Commander? I was told that they do not add power, and a few stated that one could simply floor there car off the line with the same results. If it adds no HP, then that would make sense.
    Your thoughts?

    1. It should be similar, although we have not tested the Pedal Commander product yet. Our tests did not show any power gains, just better throttle response. This is typical of all throttle enhancing modules, they do not add horsepower but do produce better response.

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