ST8PRO Performance Chip

This is a Sawyer Tuning ST8PRO Performance Chip review / analysis.  The ST8PRO Performance Chip was available on ebay at the time of this review, and also via their website.  Let’s take a look:


Company Profile

The manufacturer is a company called Sawyer Tuning, a relatively new company in the tuning market. Their website,, offers this and several other versions of their OBD and other performance products. The direct product page is here:



The cost on the website at the time of this review, was $139.95 USD for the ST8PRO module, and $139.95 on ebay, which claims to provide enhanced pickup, power and engine performance enhancements.

The cost is an average one, given that so far it appears to be a real chip, not a resistor or light blinker scam. It is an average price point. We purchased one from ebay for testing.


Product Appearance

Sawyer Tuning ST8PRO Chip


OBD Extension Cable

The OBD performance module comes in the translucent  / clear blue case shown above, and also includes an optional OBD extension cable for placing the chip in hard to reach areas. The module can either be plugged in directly to the vehicle OBD port, or connected via the cable. This is another unique case, unlike the many others we have reviewed.

The install steps were fairly straightforward:

“1) Start your vehicle and allow it to warm up
2) Use a paper clip to press the RESET button inside the chip case and release
3) The chip will start calibration and the lights will blink
4) Wait 1-2 minutes for the calibration to complete.

Sounds different than most previous modules we tested – Let’s see if it works.


Internal Analysis

After removing the cover of the module, we  see a much more complex circuit board than the previous chips. The engraving on the IC was too light to positively identify, but it appears to be a newer generation, as it has an internal clock (no external crystal or resonator is needed), so it cannot be another PIC16F59, like in the various light scam chips. We also noticed a jumper header for configuring some kind of mode or options, as well as five leds instead of the standard three in the majority of scam chips. So far, this board appears to possibly have the capability to do what is claimed:

ST8PRO Inside Circuit Board PCB


We examined the OBD connections from the connector to the circuit board and the following nine pins are connected: 2,4,5,6,7,10,14,15,16.

Let’s  check the OBD protocols and which pins they require:


From this chart, we see the following protocols and which pins must be present for them to be used:

CAN – 4, 6, 14, 16, PWM -2, 4, 5, 10, 16, VPW – 2, 4, 5, 16, ISO – 4, 5, 7, 16

So we can conclude from this that the ST8PRO module:

HAS all OBD connections for the CAN protocol

HAS all OBD connections for the PWM protocol

HAS all OBD connections for the ISO protocol

HAS all OBD connections for the VPW protocol

From these connections, the ST8PRO does have the capability to interface to any of these protocols. According to the product information, the company claims it is custom programmed for use with only one vehicle. For use on another vehicle, it must be reprogrammed.



We connected the ST8PRO to our 2012 BMW 530i 3.0L L6 as instructed and the lights came on as expected:

ST8PRO Performance Chip Lights


After calibration, we drove only a few miles and did notice definite improvement in throttle response and pickup power. In addition, the idle and overall handling of the engine did seem to be smoother. We continued to run it for one tank of fuel and also noticed we had gained almost 2MPG on fuel economy. 



It is clear from our analysis so far that the ST8PRO Performance Chip is capable of delivering real gains and is a good choice for those seeking a general tuning solution.


Company Response

We sent the following message to the company before completing this review, and received this response.

Our message to the company:


We are an automotive performance chip review group and saw your performance chip listing. We have a few questions about your product:

1) Can you assure us this is not a scam?
2) Do you have any real-world proof?

Company’s response:

Sawyertuning Response Email


It is comforting to receive a response that answers our questions without threats or intimidation for a change. The module does seem closer to the ‘real deal’ than many others we have analyzed to date.



From our research and review, it is our opinion that the ST8PRO Performance Chip Works! You will DEFINITELY want to try this!


Company Communication
Power Gains
Safe for Vehicle
Total Rating

40 Replies to “ST8PRO Performance Chip”

  1. Hello, based on your helpful analysis I was thinking of getting one of these for my 2013 Infiniti G37 sedan. I just got it and am new to making improvements and what to start somewhere simple. You guys feel this actually works and may be worth is? Thanks

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, the ST8pro is one of the few chips that we would actually recommend. It is pretty much automatic once installed and delivered results in our tests.

      1. Thank you. Do you know if this would hinder emission/ inspection in any way? Also, if it doesn’t work or creates an issue and I unplug it will my OEM setting recalibrate on their own? Thanks again.

        1. On our vehicle it did not affect emissions at all – it was inspected shortly after the initial install. The company also confirmed this to us via email. The module does return the vehicle to stock settings immediately after removal

  2. Thanks for this review , I cancelled my Ebay order on another chip and plan on ordering this one . Saved me a big headache and time .

    1. We have not tested the jb+ piggyback yet, so we cannot provide a comparison. However, the vehicle did return to stock once the module was removed.

  3. I purchased this chip on Ebay and recieved it yesterday! I had my technician install it today on my 2017 Ford Fusion Titanium 2.0 Turbo! I have drove it 42 Miles since the installation, and so far so good!! I immediately noticed huge gains!! This is a great chip!!!!

    1. Actually my Chip is a different one I believe but it’s made by ST .. It’s the Maxx Booster Performance chip!! It’s still a great chip by Sawyer Tuning!!

        1. Hi there, I bought myself a ST7 pro performance chip, have you heard anything good bout those, I would think there as really as the newer ST8 same company sawyertunning, please respond thank you!

          1. We have not analyzed that product yet, but if it is from the same company then we assume it is good also. Let us know your results!

    1. We do not know which is “better”. Both showed gains in our tests so it may depend on the application. Our main goal is to determine which products work and which do not. Best of luck

  4. thank all of your for this. i have a 2011 Tribeca, which we know is a dog when it comes to performance, but we love it. In fact our daughter just got a 2018 Crosstreck. Anyway, i have been researching and I have been looking and looking for at least one person to have a bad experience on the SCAMMERS Sites. I am so glad I found this as I was trading emails with guy named CB who has a Gmail account, not a CHIPYOURCAR>COM address. this is why I wanted to research even more.

  5. I have a 2012 Nissan maxima sv s I keep getting a traction control and check engine light cause they saw my k&n cold air is pushing to much air and its affecting my ecu they say I need to put it stock or tune it do you think this product would help that issue?

    1. We would not depend on any tune to resolve error codes or check engine lights. Best bet is to take care of that before incorporating any upgrade into the mix. Good luck

  6. Purchased this chip for a 2018 Fiat Spider and it works great.
    The turbo lag in 1st gear is now a thing of the past and the performance is greatly improved. Curiously also noticed a more consistent rev in reverse.
    Can confirm an increase in gas mileage yet.
    Install was very easy, used the supplied cable and tucked it away under the steering wheel.

  7. I’m usually very skeptical about any performance upgrades such as this and am very protective of what touches my ’13 Nissan Altima. I researched several modules claiming power gains and ultimately decided to give the ST8Pro a shot. One week in I noticed a definite improvement in pickup. After three weeks I also have smoother acceleration and have also gained 2mpg. This is definitely the real deal and I’m happy with my choice. Would recommend in a heartbeat.

  8. okay guys – picked up an ST-8 from their site, sawyertuning.. the first chip i received seemed to be okay, i plugged in, followed calibration instructions.. then noticed that the device was going into sleep mode whilst driving the car.. a bit odd.. so i contacted them, got a speedy response about not to worry – they’ve got another already on the way and should arrive soon.

    got the second chip (swear it must have been 2-day shipping) – a revised version of the original device. once more, plugged into OBD2, calibrate sequence started.. working! but then after some time driving around, the chip started to activate sleep mode again while in motion.

    so far – this chip hasn’t quite gotten the full support from my vehichle, 2017 Toyota GT-86 US…

    once more, contacted the guys at sawyer tuning.. this time i was blown away. i explained my issues with the second chip – and was notified that the original purchase will be refunded in exchange for both devices in return, AND, an all new remapped, revamped, re-amped, ramped, and cramped NEW device.. for free.. on them.

    since my curiosity exists outside the realization of holidays, and other normally observed holidays – i will have to wait until after Labor Day for this one..

  9. Due to this review I’ve decided to pick up their ST9PRO for my Mini Cooper. Hopefully it’s as legit as this one and it’s from a reputable eBay seller

    1. Thanks for your comment. While we are not familiar with the ST9 module, we are anxious to see your results, as this company has produced results with the ST8 product. Also, please be careful on ebay items, as there are SEVERAL scams and counterfeits being sold of several different products. Good luck!

  10. Hi,

    I have two questions:

    1. Since the product name has stage 3 in it, I’m wondering does it really qualify a stage 3 turning or it is just a marketing term. In that sense, is the “good stage2” product more suitable for a road car for daily commuting?

    2. Does it do any harm to the engine if no other parts are upgraded? Since it changes ignition timing, air/fuel ration, transmission timing etc…I’m just concerned if the engine or tranny would be harmed if no enhancement is done together with this chip…I only have K&N air filter thou lol…

    Thank you!

    1. We do not manufacture this product, so you would have to contact the company with these questions. In our test, we used a fully stock vehicle, so we can be sure it didn’t cause damage in our case. Hope this helps!

  11. I’m getting both the St 8 and 9. From what I can see, it’s the option if you don’t want to tune your car. I’ll keep you updated.

    1. I’ve had both the ST8 and ST9 on my car. I honestly don’t know if the 8 does anything but the 9 wakes it up for sure. We’re talking maximum boost instantly. No lag at all. If you can put it on your car; do it!

  12. I’ve had this module installed for about 24hrs. My first drive with it on I noticed better throttle response. I also noticed smoother shifts of my DCT. The flat spots also are gone as the power curve seems more linear. I can’t tell if there are any power gains yet but I guess it will need some learning. This chip is REAL and in my opinion punches well above its cost. IF I get any real power gains it will be the icing on the cake


  13. Thanks for this awesome site! Purchased a PowerTune performance chip but have canceled my order after visiting this website! Will most likely purchase the ST8 or ST9 since I don’t have access to a computer with the Volo chip. Appreciate your determination & everything you guys are doing! Can’t wait for future reviews!

  14. I have been on the fence about a chip for my Subaru Forester. I almost bought one of the scam chips, since their website was so convincing. Glad I found your site and reviews. Just ordered the ST-8 and can’t wait to try it. I was not looking for a performance upgrade, just better throttle response from the DBW setup, as mine is a 6 spd manual. Any performance and milage improvement will be a bonus. Thanks for the reviews.

  15. Just got this chop for my 2015 Nissan Sentra and immediately noticed huge gains. My dad bought it for me and I was sure it wouldn’t work but damn it did.

    Highly recommend

    1. We do not manufacture any products, we only review them, so we cannot say which vehicles will work aside from the one we tested. You will need to contact the company who makes the module, good luck.

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