Supreme Performance Chip Review

This is a review and analysis of the Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 obd device. If you are looking for a REAL Supreme obd Performance Chip product review, then this is for you! What is this product and how does it work? Let’s take an in-depth look and find out:



Company Profile

The manufacturer is a company called ‘Great Lakes Auto’.  This product is available on the ebay online marketplace. Their website,, simply had a logo parking page as of the date of this review.




The cost for the Supreme OBD Performance Chip at the time of this review from the ebay seller greatlakesauto on the ebay marketplace was $71.44 USD.  This price is average for performance tuning products we have reviewed in the past, but for this shape and case it is high, as we already have suspicions about this product. Is this module actually worth the cost? Let’s find out!



Product Appearance

The module comes in a familiar red OBD plug case which has been used for several previous performance chip scams:


Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 by Greatlakesauto Top View


The manufacturer claims better throttle response, the addition of 50 – 60 HP:


Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 by Greatlakesauto Performance Claims


These are some large claims, and if true, would be a first for any performance product we have tested in this shape OBD case. The logo and case look sleek, but does it live up to the claims? Let’s find out.



Internal Analysis

We purchased a Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 and examined the inside of the module:


Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 Greatlakes Auto Internal View


This circuit board is too familiar, as it is identical to the numerous Nitro obd scam chips we have reviewed in the past, which are available in a handful of different brand names and case colors. What we focus primarily on in the above photo is the cable used to connect the reset button on the top of the case to the circuit board. When compared side by side with the previous Nitro OBD scam chip, we can see the uncanny likeness:


Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 -Left vs Nitro OBD Performance Chip Scam – Right


The only difference between the two modules we see is the 2-pin connector installed on the Supreme performance chip (left), and the missing connector on the Nitro OBD scam pcb (right). They both have the identical microprocessor, PIC16F59, used in the majority of the past scam chips we reviewed.




So far this product looks like many of the other performance chip scams we reviewed in the past. However, we decided to follow the install steps and see if there were any of the promised gains:


Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 by Greatlakesauto Box Install Instructions


After starting the vehicle, the lights illuminated in exactly the same pattern as all the previous Nitro-obd scam chips we tested. We drove with the module installed in our test vehicle for several miles with absolutely no improvement in fuel economy, engine power or other performance. It seems the only advantage of the Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 was the light show.

Looking a little deeper into the photos and advertisements provided on the ebay page, we see more clues to the true origin of this device:


Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 Greatlakesauto Ebay Ad


Note in the black circle the logo on the Supreme Performance Chip case – it does not say “Supreme Performance Chip”. A closer look reveals it says “OBDII Chiptuning Box Super OBD2”. This is a familiar phrase, as it matches exactly with a $4 Chinese Super OBD2 Nitro OBD2 scam chip clone, available from aliexpress:


Aliexpress Super OBD2 Performance Chip Scam Plug


The red case is identical. The button shape and location is identical. The led labels are identical. The OBD plug pins are identical. The internal circuit board is identical. The only difference is the branding (words). We are beginning to see where the Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 by greatlakesauto came from. It is a re-branded $4 Super OBD2 chip from China.

Deeper inspection of the ebay listing shows the images are hosted at Photobucket. The folders and albums are publicly accessible, and we found the following image which gives even more proof to explain what is going on here:


Greatlakesauto Supreme Performance Chip Scam Busted Photobucket


These are all photos of the $4 Super OBD2 product from China – what are they doing in the photobucket album owned by greatlakesauto? They are being used as source material to make the ads for the Supreme Performance Chip 4.0. Some are even photoshopped to change the wording from Super OBD2 to Supreme Performance Chip! It is obvious that greatlakesauto knows what this product truly is and are simply changing the name and selling it as a ‘performance chip’.

Another find in the photobucket album is the following ad verbatim from the original Super OBD2 page on aliexpress, but the top logo has been changed to say “Supreme Performance Chip 4.0”:


Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 Greatlakesauto Ebay Advertisement


It is clear that this is just another Nitro obd scam under a new name. Please be careful when selecting anything you connect to your vehicle and do your research first!

Another interesting fact with many of these gimmick products is that the seller’s ebay userid often contains a history of other gimmick products, as is the case with greatlakesauto:


Greatlakesauto Ebay Userid History


The seller account was named ‘scentgalore’ in 2011 and was changed again to ‘techcapital’ in 2014. In 2017 it was changed again to ‘greatlakesauto’. As with many of these gimmick sellers, they try their hand at different products and they eventually come across the Nitro OBD scam, something that works! They were scent experts, now they are auto tuning experts!




From our research and review, it is our opinion that the Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 by greatlakesauto is simply another Nitro-OBD scam chip and does not deliver results as claimed. The cost is higher than most other scam chips in the same case. Our tests showed no changes on our stock vehicle. From other users on the net, other scam chips using the identical circuit board caused error codes and in rare cases, ecu damage. You definitely want to avoid this.




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    1. So far, we have seen results from the Volo Performance chip, JB+ from Burger Tuning, and a few others. Check the product reviews for the best options, good luck.

  1. if its to good to be true….well you know the rest. glad i did my research,as always before i purchase anything, cause this product is absolute just as the sellers are..GARBAGE! Thanks for your help and shedding light on scums i mean scam artist such as these jamokes!

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