Venom 400 Performance Module

This is a review and analysis of the Viper 400 Performance Control Module. If you are looking for a REAL Viper 400 Performance Module review, then this is for you! What is this product and what does it do? Let’s take a closer look:



Company Profile

The manufacturer is a company called “Python Injection, Inc” and they appeared to have two websites: and, neither of which loaded at the time of this review.  The company appears to have been active several years ago, but we were not able to locate any current information on them. The product is available on as well as

This Viper 400 performance module is connected to the vehicle via the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) and the MAF / MAP sensor.  This type of chip is a frequent target of several chip scams so we will be cautious with our expectations until we actually analyze the unit. There are mixed reviews of this product on the net so we are anxious to see what it actually delivers.




The cost at the time of this review on summitracing for the Venom 400 performance control module was $350.99 USD. This price is extremely high for this range of modules, but we were eager to see if this module is actually worth the cost. Let’s find out more details.



Product Appearance


Venom 400 Performance Control Module


The module comes in the solid black aluminum case shown above with a wiring harness that connects via a DB9 connector, and includes the install kit, which consists of the wiring harness, cable ties,  wire splices and install sheet:


Venom 400 Performance Control Module Install Kit


While the design looks impressive, we have been fooled before from scam modules that had a very nice exterior finish. What is different here so far is the weight of the unit, along with several wires on the connection harness – not just two, like most previous scam chips.



Internal Analysis

We purchased one of these modules and examined the inside of the module:


Venom 400 Performance Control Module Inside View


Right away we were surprised to see a quite complex circuit board as compared to the previous scam chips we reviewed. There are several integrated circuits, variable resistors for adjustment, as well as a solid switch:


Venom 400 Performance Control Module PCB Circuit Board


Venom 400 Performance Control Module PCB Circuit Board

The circuit seems to be built around a PIC16C56A chip, so there is definitely more going on here than the previous resistor hacks.

As far as the connections coming from the module, there are a total of six connected to the circuit board and routed through the DB9 connector – two for the led, and four for the connections to be spliced in the engine bay:


Venom 400 Performance Control Module Wiring Harness




So far, this module looks promising, so we followed the install steps to install on the vehicle:

“Installation of the Venom’s harness usually requires four connections to the vehicles electrical system, they are:

Power (+V), Ground, Throttle Position (TPS) signal wire, Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP) signal wire OR the Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) signal wire”

We connected the above wires as instructed and mounted the Venom box in the engine bay. The install sheet provided a list of the needed sensor connections for the vehicle listed in our order.

After the connections were complete, we turned on the switch on the left side of the module. We started the vehicle and drove a few miles. We noticed better response, especially when the throttle was pressed harder – when we did, the red light illuminated and faster acceleration was noticeable. When we let off the pedal, the light went out. Fuel economy was not noticeably changed from before.




It is clear from our analysis that the Viper 400 Performance Control Module works, although it remains to be seen if it is worth the cost. It contains a complex circuit, and functioned without setting any error codes for us. However, it does require basic skills to install in the engine bay and routing the wire harness into the drivers area.




From our research and review, it is our opinion that the Viper 400 Performance Control Module works as advertised. However, the cost and more detailed installation may be a drawback for some. The lack of company contact information or a working website also suggests there may be little / no support available for this unit. There are mixed reviews on the web about the results, but our tests showed noticeable improvement in pickup and acceleration on demand. You may want to try this!




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5 Replies to “Venom 400 Performance Module”

  1. I am curious and new to the idea of using one of these performance chips, and so far this seems to have the best reviews all around, but how does one tell if a chip would be compatible with their car?

    1. We would suggest contacting the manufacturer directly to confirm compatibility with your vehicle. Also, please be careful to check for reviews before purchase – there are MANY scams and scam review sites on the web. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for your comment – it is more involved to install than most performance modules. This may be a big downside for most enthusiasts.

  2. I found one of these used on ebay and decided to give it a try. It does work, although it is not a super power difference. I can tell it improved some

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